"The most Versatile  and Accommodating Target System you can have  for a fraction of what other systems cost."

Bernard Martinage
Target Nation Founder

​OIC, DrOpZOne 

toll free:  866-7-ON-DUTY

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A note from the inventor

As a certified instructor, for civilians and law enforcement, I often struggled to provide true center of mass training (Center of Exposure point of aim) to my clients. Flat targets have no mass, and the 3D targets were too expensive and difficult to carry/move. 

They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention, and in this case, it is very true. Owning two shooting ranges, one of which has Tactical bays and a 1,200sf 5-room ballistic shoot-house and a 1.5mls amphibious jungle course, I needed something that I could easily move between locations and set up quickly. Since I also am UTM and a Simunition® Scenario Instructor (and I didn’t get my training online), having a target system that could be sturdy enough for all types of ammunition plus less-than-lethal is a must.

I designed this system with all of that in mind, and at a price that you will be amazed.