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Reality in Practice

Angle-shooting is such a critical cornerstone of gunfights that special units undergo dedicated training for engaging opponents from all angles. Civilian gunfights are very much the same. Case-in-point, 93.42% of the 152 civilians engaged in the 50 gunfights we studied, never stood square-on during the fight. Honestly, with the exception of those trained to do so while wearing body armor, who would just face you to shoot or get shot? Instead, they were always at an angle, which placed their vital organs off the conventional center-of-mass.
Target Nation’s KTBM target (FRED) is the first target that for a few Dollars brings to civilian defensive training the ability to replicate AND retrace your shots from all angles to help you build the skills you need in a real gunfight. Don't waste expensive ammunition on flat targets. Make your shots count; sharpen your skills like never before.

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