•  Recessed Vital Organ Impact Card Examinator or 'VOICE™' gives shooters realistic feedback, no matter the shot angle,
  • FRED is lightweight--even with added accessories--and can sit, slice the pie, and even kneel for use in limitless scenarios,
  • Utilizing head and/or torso reactive capabilities provide instant responses to good shots.​​

​​Target Nation’s 3D Hollowgraphic™ and reactive target system, FRED, is the first target that inexpensively brings defensive training the ability to replicate AND retrace shots from all angles. 

But Fred's versatility doesn’t end there. Encompassing a rounded (Hollowgraphic™) design, plus the SISU stand and its many accessories, shooters now have realism built into their training, for example.

make your existing target 3d

​If we asked, “How many angles can you be shot at from or attacked from?” the answers would be numerous, and then so would be the strategies to defend against these threats.

Watching the above video further exemplifies how various the attacks are.

But what if we told you that we can teach you one single technique that will work with every threat regardless of angle or presentation? That technique exists. It is Target Nation’s Center of Exposure™ point of aim, in opposition to Center of Mass. 

And all it takes to master it is having the one single target that was designed and patented to train you to the technique. That target is FRED.

Because in real life, there are no do-overs.​​​

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with fred, The only 360°, affordable 3D Target System

you can take anywhere and shoot with anything.

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